3 Days Kidepo Valley National Park and Big Game Safari By Flight

Day One

On the first day, our representative and guide from Equatorial Wild Safaris will be sent to welcome you to this amazing wild experience awaiting you. Wherever you are, our guide will pick you up and transfer you to Entebbe International airport to catch your flight to Kidepo Airstrip. The flight is not a flight unless you look down and see the things you are flying over therefore if you dare to reveal your feareless spirit, your eyes will be fed to a sight like no other. Our Country will be mapped out before you and you will be able to appreciate and enjoy the vast beautiful land scapes and the green vegetation that is so hipnotising that it will draw you in if you look harder. There is definitely so much unseen, and plenty undiscovered with in those concealesd and dense land scapes that you can only appreciate from above. On arrival at Kidepo you will be met by a guide from Equatorial wild Safaris who will transfer you to your place of accommodation for lunch and relaxation. Shake off the fatigue, rejuvenate your spirit and wait for the evening game drive that awaits you.

Day Two

Wake up to the rhythm of Nature and Sunrise. It is said that for those that do not appreciate the morning do not enjoy the day. So wake up, stretch, watch the African sun beckon to the day and smile at what anticipation you have with enthusiasm. It is truly a beautiful hour for a game drive. Prepare and then head out for a game drive in and around Apoka valley. When the day is still young, calm and in the absence of the scorching sun, the animals are free and high spirited. They embrace the promises of the day. Those who are hungry, hunt, the singers beautifully mould their melodies in to beautiful awakening music, those who just want to walk are up and about feeling the mood before their graceful hours come to an end and that’s when the hot sun fully rises with a vengeance. After breakfast, you will embark on the morning game adventure that will take the route of Kanangorok hot spring. Here a number of animals like the East African big five can be seen wandering around as well as birds like the Ostriches. The semi-arid section of the park is home to hot springs and elegant Majestic Ostriches that strut as they gracefully walk. It is as if they are on the run way. This section of the park also commands amazing sceneries of Mountains across the border in Sudan. The view is breath-taking and the memories will stick as if they are magical. Perhaps these lands are magical! After, you will return to your lodge for lunch. After lunch, if you don’t feel so tired, you will go for a walking Safari with an armed guide around the park. The breeze will help you cool your mind and awaken you inner spirit.

Day three

After breakfast, with your packed lunch you will visit Lorokul cultural group and explore the fascinating ancient culture of the Karamojong. The Karamajong are famous for their ability to maintain their traditional ways inspite of the modern influences of today’s society and they are notorious for cattle herding. This remote tribe is located outside Kidepo valley National Park. We shall lead you to discover the unique culture and ways of this group through the Lorukul cultural group. You will walk with the guides through their manyattas(homesteads). You will learn how these people make their beads and other traditional jewellery, you will understand the social importance engraved in body piercings and body designs, sample local dishes and hear stories of the folklore of the remote tribe. After the cultural tour, you will be dropped off at Kidepo airstrip to catch your flight back to Entebbe international airport. At Entebbe International airport, you will be met by a representative from Equatorial wild safaris who will transfer you back to your hotel. And that is how we bid adios to this amazing experience of a life time hoping you will come again.