One Day at Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo National Park is the perfect place to break the journey to or from the Albertine Rift Valley. The Park lies along Mbarara Road and is within easy access of Kampala, making it a great choice for a short week-end safari too. It is about 230km and estimated travel time of 3-4 hrs from Kampala. This attractive park of rolling hills and open grassy valleys, interspersed with thickets, woodlands and rich wetlands, is the only place in Uganda where the famous Impala still roam free. Though elephant and lion are absent, Mburo is the best place to see herds of Eland, Africa’s largest antelope. Other antelope species that may be sighted in the park include topi, bush buck, sitatunga, common duiker, klipspringer, oribi, Defassa water buck and Bohor reed buck. It is one of only two Ugandan national parks where Burchell’s zebra can still still be seen. Birdwatchers will enjoy more than 250 species of birds found in the park. It is probably the best place in Uganda to see acacia-associated birds as well as the swamp birds or the six so-called papyrus endemics, like the striking papyrus Gonolek and the highly localized Papyrus Yellow Warbler to be seen nowhere else in Uganda. There is so enough activity on the park to make your trip or safari worth every shilling / dollar like doing a game drive, a game walk, a boat trip on Lake where you will see healthy populations of buffalo, warthog, bush pig and hippopotamus, as well as a plethora of birds.