Half Day White Water Rafting

Ever wondered what it would feel like if you were the one rafting the Nile? If you are one of the many, allow me to give you a hint ............." I gripped my board tightly and raised my left arm firmly fighting a little resistance from the water. The board continued to bounce like a dolphin on the wave and all I could see was white. My mouth was sealed to avoid swallowing more of the Nile and in a fraction of the second the board dropped like an elevator catching me unaware.

I went with it and soon could breathe! We thumped on the green face of the wave gently, leapt forward and then started oscillating gently to the rhythm of the racing water. A feeling of total exhilaration overwhelmed me and I gently straightened my arm to turn the board on the face of the huge wave.

Just to my right a wall of whitewater avalanched forward onto the green raceway and I carved away again anxious not to be claimed by the maelstrom of churning water. Above the swish sound of water escaping from beneath my board and the crash of whitewater that blanketed my feet and fins, I could hear wolf whistles and excited yelps from the bank. The gathering crowd was clearly enjoying the show.......http://bit.ly/1AvEfuM "