White Water Rafting Jinja

Ever wondered what it would feel like if you were the one rafting River Nile? If you are one of the many, allow me to give you a hint ............. "As the raft bucked underneath us, a cool spray from the churning white water all around us hit me straight in the face. I held on fast and instinctively slid deeper into the boat, trying not to lose my paddle in the process. This was one of the last rapids of the day and we were determined not to flip. Suddenly, we seemed to be lacking any forward propulsion. The raft, and all its occupants, had been lifted up onto a standing wave, and for one incredible moment we surfed the River Nile, neither moving forwards nor sideways, momentarily standing still on top of our very own cushion of white water. It lasted a second or two at most, before our river guide plunged his paddle deep into the wave beneath him and launched us downstream towards calmer waters." ... http://bit.ly/1BpLNzh