3 Days Murchison Falls & Kanio Pabidi Safari

Day one

We start this adventure with a drive North West through the famous Luwero Triangle via Masindi town. Through your car window, you will be served with Uganda’s beautiful sights and sounds. You will view the different cultures, behaviours and the ways of the diverse tribes in Uganda. You will see their standards of living and the various activities they engage in. You will also see Uganda’s beautiful scenery and the vast wealth of green savannah across large areas. We shall Branch off to visit Zziwa Rhino sanctuary for a guided Rhino walk where we shall be able to cross paths with large harmless Rhinos on foot, take pictures and possibly talk to them in Rhino language (that’s if you can) and later we shall enjoy a lovely picnic lunch. Later, we shall Continue to the Murchison falls National park. There is a possibility of an evening drive if we arrive early. After the drive, we shall leave you to enjoy the mood and tune of the setting sun as you return to the lodge to claim your well-deserved rest.

Day Two

A cup of African coffee is a perfect way to begin a beautiful African day with a lot of African adventures awaiting you to enjoy (talk of fore shadowing). After, you can begin to prep yourself for an early morning game drive, bird watching and sightseeing across the open savannah dotted woodland and riverine vegetation along the Nile and Albert delta. Game drives usually take place during the coolest times of day when animals are more active, this is why we at Equatorial Wild safaris prefer that you have an early morning game drive because at this time, you can watch the animals crawl out of their homes, stretch their bodies while the birds sing with optimistic rhythms of a new and beautiful day. At this time, they are energetic and therefore active so you won’t miss out on anything. Return to the lodge for breakfast and lunch. After lunch, a three hour boat trip along the Nile gives assured chance to see and take in the breath-taking view of the thick aggressive water falls thrust their force on the rocks at the foot of the waterfall. In the boat, you will be able to take in this view from the bottom angle. Hippos, crocodiles, antelopes and aquatic birds can be seen along the shores of the river. For those who trust in their good level of fitness, you will get off the boat and take a hike to the top of the falls. This historic site can only be reached from the south bank. From the top of the falls there are fantastic advantage points that the falls can be viewed from and photographed. It’s really a spectacular scene.

Day Three

Wake up at 6am prepared to capture the unrivalled moment of the African rising sun as it makes its grand entrance to a land to which it shall shine rays of hope, beauty and happiness throughout the day. You can take a photograph to hold, to cherish and remind you of this journey to Uganda; the Pearl of Africa. Later, you will enjoy the ultimate African breakfast. It is really a beautiful day, the perfect weather to drive to Kaniyo Pabidi in Budongo forest for chimpanzee tracking. After chimpanzee tracking, we shall transfer to Kampala with a stopover for lunch in Masindi. After lunch, you will be dropped off at a destination of your choice.